O N _ S T R E E T

| RETICULAR WEFTS _ virada cultural de são paulo _ 2015

An enlarged scale loom. The goal of this project was generate a reflection to transform public spaces.
Weaving together we create a unique web made by different hands, this action proposes new glimpses and connections for better living in the city.

| WOVEN STREET ART _ urban intervention _ 2015

Handwoven piece measuring 6 meters high, handwoven in merino wool. Mural street art: Rui Amaral.
Artistic intervention that explores the dialogue between street art and textile art. A parallel that crosses the creative process of such ephemeral arts creating a new narrative between contemporary and ancestral art.

| MADE _ 5th edition SP biennial _ 2017

| ATELIER MOURÃO _ open call handmade jewelry _ 2018

Cooper fire painting broche